Maui Bee Farm

​​"We are dedicated beekeepers who love Raw Maui Honey"

Raw Maui Honey

 Maui Bee Farm harvests local Raw Maui Honey for our residents and visitors.  Our Chemical Free beekeeping practices and "hive to table" harvesting make our Raw Maui Honey truly artisan crafted.


Pollination Services

Do you have a farm crop in need of pollination services? 

We have hundreds of honeybee colonies that are ready to deploy to your fields.

Email us with your crop, location, blooming dates.  We will get back to you with a quote.


Maui Beeswax

Our Treatment Free honeybee colonies produces Maui Beeswax.  This wax is collected during the cold extraction honey harvest.  Wax "cappings" are separated from the raw honey and then gently cleaned and melted into blocks.  These blocks of Maui Beeswax can be used for countless balms, salves, wraps and candles.